“Thank you again for a great itinerary and great execution of all the plans. Especial thanks for arranging masses at Churches, Shrines, etc.” Rev.Michael H.

“I enjoyed the trip! It was awesome. The tour guide, she was hilarious. Thank you so much for making this happens.” Sarah, Group Passenger

“Hi Ivonne. First and foremost thank you for all your patience and understanding. The Holy Land Pilgrimage with Father Hoyer was awesome! We are coming back next Year!” Kay. M.

"Our trip to South America was really great and a life time experience.Our guides and people we have to meet were excellent. The Inca Trail was just great and the Patagonian portion of the trip was also spectacular. Manu Biosphere was out of this world and a must for everyone to go and see. I think I could write so many pages on how Kathy and I enjoyed this trip.” Bruce and M. M.    

Father Michael Hoyer and Altura Tours, a match made in Heaven.

Shown at Miami International is the dynamic duo of Father Hoyer and Diego Linares from Altura Tours. 18 years ago, the first Pilgrimage Tour conducted by Father Hoyer and Altura Tours took off. Since then, Father "Happy" Hoyer as he is warmly known, has organized multiple Pilgrimages with Altura all over the world for 18th consecutive years!. Over a thousand of parishioners and friends of the Church have joined his Journeys of Faith. We salute and heartly thank Father Hoyer for his friendship, trust and support. God blessed Father Hoyer!  Diego Linares, President Altura Faith / Altura Tours