Why Altura Faith


If you are looking for a unique spiritual experience there is no Journey as rewarding as a Pilgrimage. Here are ten good reasons why you should be using Altura Faith.

  • Experience – A recognized leader in the religious group travel industry with more than 20 years experience providing outstanding innovations and quality services.
  • Integrity – An impeccable operation record. Since its inception in 1992, the company has never been sued or sued anyone. Altura tours returned all deposits and payments during the 9/11 crisis.
  • Spiritual Directors – Our scheduled Pilgrimages always include an ordained Catholic Priest to provided spiritual guidance during the trip.
  • One Per Cent Donation – Altura Faith will share one per cent of the total gross price of your Pilgrimage with your Archdiocese Catholic Charities. It’s our call to supporting the Church in their mission and to give back out of respect and devotion within our souls to the ones in need.
  • Personalized Services – We are customer service fanatics. Your call will always be answered by a human being. If online, email or correspondence contact is preferred, a professional Altura Faith travel counselor will make sure that your trip will be dealt with outmost dedication and attention to detail.
  • High Client Satisfaction – From one individual to a 250 member group, we have done it right and one look at our testimonials can attest for that.
  • Extensive Inventory – Whether choosing one of our scheduled Pilgrimage departures, independent religious or secular trip, Altura Faith offers the discriminating traveler the options that suits individual tastes.
  • Local Presence, Global Reach – Headquartered in the US, we are a truly International company serving clients from all over the world. We operate through a highly trained network of on-site destination ground service specialists.
  • Buying Power – Thousands of individual and group clients have traveled with us for more than 20 years! This allows us to negotiate the best air and land prices for you. But the real leverage comes from our suppliers abroad who collectively book massive numbers of hotels nights and services. We then get the lowest rates and pass it to you in the form of huge savings in our Pilgrimages’ pricing.
  • Value – Packed Pilgrimages – We clearly spell out what you will be receiving, no hidden cost, and no surprises! We carefully select convenient flights, comfortable first class accommodations, experience tour directors, comprehensive sightseeing, deluxe transportation and exceptional meals.